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28/05/2012 – 11:24 | 2 Comments

We tend to assume that we must have a single, monopolistic currency, funded through bank debt, enforced by a central bank. But we don’t need any such thing! In fact, the present system is outdated, …

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Appendix A: A Primer on How Money Works: ‘Your’ Money in Its World

28/05/2012 – 09:35 |

“The only people who claim that money is not an issue are those who have sufficient money that they are relieved of the ugly burden of thinking about it.” So thought the American writer Joyce …

Appendix B: Climate change

28/05/2012 – 09:34 |

Appendix C: Mapping Paradigms – Christian Arnsperger

28/05/2012 – 09:33 | 3 Comments

C.1. Three examples
C.2. The mirage of neutrality
C.3. The inevitability of paradigms
C.4. Paradigms and their basic dynamics
C.5. …

Appendix D: Complex Flow Networks

28/05/2012 – 09:32 | 2 Comments

This paper (Appendix D from Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link) presents more of the theoretical framework on which the proposed scientific approach towards sustainability used in the Report is based.
The approach used here is …

Appendix E: A Chinese Insight

28/05/2012 – 09:06 |

This appendix uses philosophical language to shows that, for the first time, Western science is demonstrating the validity of the insights of ancient Chinese philosophy. Specifically, it shows that Taoism provides a better insight into …

Appendix F: Concentration of Wealth

28/05/2012 – 09:02 |

In 2006, the top 0.01% averaged 976 times more income than America’s bottom 90%. At the same time, people earning more than a million dollars paid just 23% of their income in federal tax. 1% …

Appendix G: Kondratieff and the Long Wave

28/05/2012 – 08:59 | One Comment

In 1926, Nicolai Kondratieff (1892-1938), at that time the head of Russia’s Economic Research Institute in Moscow, published a technical paper in a German statistical journal documenting the discovery of a 60-year ‘long wave’ in …